Summary: Multisensory Math People

Posted on July 7, 2020



Just put this on FB and need to preserve it:   the question was roughly “there’s stuff for reading… what about math?”

To my delight the first answer was link  to gfletchys progressions 🙂 🙂    Mine:

You really have to be careful — many “interventions” are short-term “let’s get ’em to the answer so this year’s test scores aren’t so bad” and teach … nothing. I watched a webinar from NCTM that I had to leave — all about “teach them how to find the right anchor chart so they can walk through the steps” and “teach calculator skills.” Direct instruction – yes, but if it’s all procedural, it’s like learning sight words… in the long run you end up workign with me at the community college trying to convince you that 1/2 + 2/3 isn’t 3/5 because there are just too many rules.

Names of some folks hwo know that just because it doesn’t come easily doesn’t mean it’s not worth learning right: Marilyn Burns

Marilyn Zecher

Chris Woodin

 is another structured, multisensory approach.

And this is an *awesome* video … especially when it comes to not confusing discalculia with dyslexia

There are folks active on Twitter in the math twitter blog-o-sphere: #mtbos 

What makes me laugh a bit is that I can’t recall the name of the “making math real” guy, and … he doesn’t have his name prominently on his page or “about.”   Ah, David Berg ….  (googled youtube nine lines).
    I had to sneak up and dd a thing about direct instruction because as I was typing, somebody was posting “Direct instruction” and that it was all about rules and if you knew them you’d do fine.  Wince….

Now let’s see if we can have more focus than yesterday.   I got out for the 25 minutes this a.m. jogging; chatting on a porch on the fourth with two ladies that run and ride like I used to — only they’re older than me 😉 — was a tangible inspiration because yes, the exercise is just built in to the day.   OKAY REPL.IT LET”S GO (seeing a tweet reply from a S.C. ed prof is a good nudge too…)

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