Monday July 6

Posted on July 6, 2020



Trying to focus.  Trying.

TL:DR   rambles about Pandemics.

It’s really hot and I sort of overslept so I didn’t get a jog in, and haven’t in almost a week.  Note to self:   do it tomorrow; even if it’s 13 minutes, not doing that is why you’re a zombie right now.

Reading posts from these pasts months, including March 11 “what’s going to happen?”  and then a day with 3400 cases in Illinois.   Yesterday we were down to 639 but after a week in the 800’s (after getting under 500)… and I suspect todaywill be back up there.  However, locally, people seem to be feeling like “we need to be MORE careful” — except … next week church goes INSIDE.   I guess we need to try.   I’ll be safe enough as Father Fredi said he assumes I will do all the readings — pretty far from people ’cause I’ll bring a chair or do it from my usual choir spot. which begs many questions in my mind.   I’ve just been in the choir singing whatever. Where *are* the rest of the lay folks?   Granted, it makes perfect sense to have one person Just Do It, and I do it well — but will other readers be upset?   Relieved?   They do it *really well,* too.   I considered singing the psalm and then realized that would be the “let’s just hope it’s okay” track and that instead, I will talk about the decision to *not* ‘sing out’ and that our very quiet prayers can be magnified by the Spirit (while mine are magnified by a microphone).

The denial thing is prevalent though; on news this a.m. they’re trying to make more jury duty more remote “to keep people comfortable.”  ERm, hello??? We’re going to placate their anxiety?   How about “to expose fewer people to a deadly virus.”

Okay, zoom meeting 1 done.  Lunch ride to come, then zoom meeting 2 🙂   then… focus??? I hope??

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