JULY is here ;)

Posted on July 2, 2020



Rabbit Rabbit was not the first thing I said (but somebody tweeted it, reminding me of that ‘good luck’ ritual).   I didn’t jog b/c I forgot to move laundry from washer to dryer… but I can do a real ride tonight; no meetings.

No students zooming but I’ve connected w/ teachers of the “Bridge” courses that are part of the grant our admins got and then said “here’s what we promised — you figure it out!”   No, they didn’t talk to anybody about it and yes, some of the things we have to do directly contradict policies and practices which we have *for good reasons* but that’s okay, we got MONEY!!!!

I remember marveling, years ago, at how much good could be done when you carefully put together a grant with serving the community in mind, with honest descriptions… and then you recorded what you were doing and what was happening (because wow! somebody smarter than me remembered to build that into the grant) so you really did learn what worked.   People weren’t doing little side favors (“hey, you’re my friend, you can go to that swanky conference!”) as I’d seen elsewhere.   Oh, and when you did it right, you could refer back to it — and get more grants and do more good.   The paperwork was a pain — but you were keepign track of the right things; it wasn’t BS. You weren’t doctoring reality to look good. If it didn’t look good you said so and learned from it. Scientific thinking, not “money!” thinking.

So!  This morning will be about making a video and seeing if Tech Relay captions it well.   I made one yesterday and then realized that in my new LaZBoy I’m *feet* from the laptop mic (I’ve got a separate keyboard and mouse in my lap)… it’s good!!

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