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INSIDE church.

July 12, 2020


  We had church inside today. People were instructed explicitly how to stay far away from each other… that no, we weren’t singing… and everybody was given a post-it note to put where they were so they could disinfect those places. *Everybody* was masked, though I saw a single nose.  Don’t know that story (the […]


July 10, 2020


  I finally got to actually see and hear Rochelle Gutierrez.   Oh, but alert tells me 1317 cases today.  Spike, people.  I’m callin’ it a spike. (Wonder how many are farm workers.) Panel from TodosMath which I shall join…she talked about the people in the system being hurt as well as the people the system […]

Notes to self

July 8, 2020


    People don’t click through when I link to the blog on twitter, even w/ 1100 followers.   Will ponder different ways to share. I really don’t work well with arguments and variables.   Everything is global.   I think it’s highly unlikely that this is appropriate. I really, really, really want to get these sharable today […]

Summary: Multisensory Math People

July 7, 2020


  Just put this on FB and need to preserve it:   the question was roughly “there’s stuff for reading… what about math?” To my delight the first answer was link  to gfletchys progressions 🙂 🙂    Mine: You really have to be careful — many “interventions” are short-term “let’s get ’em to the answer so […]

Monday July 6

July 6, 2020


  Trying to focus.  Trying. TL:DR   rambles about Pandemics. It’s really hot and I sort of overslept so I didn’t get a jog in, and haven’t in almost a week.  Note to self:   do it tomorrow; even if it’s 13 minutes, not doing that is why you’re a zombie right now. Reading posts from these […]

JULY is here ;)

July 2, 2020


  Rabbit Rabbit was not the first thing I said (but somebody tweeted it, reminding me of that ‘good luck’ ritual).   I didn’t jog b/c I forgot to move laundry from washer to dryer… but I can do a real ride tonight; no meetings. No students zooming but I’ve connected w/ teachers of the “Bridge” […]