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Posted on June 11, 2020



Classes start Monday so I’m trying to make video and fliers to get folks to come see me.  I waffle between focusing on “I help with this course!” and “I help if you aren’t sure you can learn it!” and that sort of angle.   You sort of have to work with me to know what I do — I don’t know if that’s because I can’t describe it or because it’s impossible to describe.

In the meantime ‘cult of pedagogy’ re-posted her awesome blog about “culturally responsive teaching”and how it’s based on actual learning.

And I got cinderblocks and spray chalk for math walks which required going to Mall Ville in a Car Thing so I ducked into the drive-through and stuck a thing up my nose, since I was out with people on June 1 walking around and shouting things loudly.

I got really inexpensive “chalkfiti” stuff in the “playing around” part of the store, and a couple little cans of more professional looking “spray chalk” that is designed to “go where sidewalk chalk can’t.”   The play stuff makes me add water to it.   This weekend I’ll see about putting down some Street Math.   It’ll be where people *would* park except they keep their car in the garage, and I’ll angle it so you can make sense of it from off the street or on it (no sidewalks), and hopefully it will serve as “traffic calming.”   Pictures to come!

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