Neighbors ;)

Posted on June 10, 2020



I’m watching a neighbor walk by on the sidewalk, as I’ve seen him do many times in any given day, and sometimes he’s running and never looking tired.  It made me think of the driver who pulled out on me because she was distracted and apologized at length, “You’re my neighbor!!”  because when I espied her car, I realized she wasn’t *that* close a neighbor, but had seen me commuting by regularly.   I’m wondering if it’s an introvert thing 😉

Sigh, I’m going to have to postpone some of this arbitrary vacation time because … I have ideas for getting students connected and they’ll take some prep.   However, if I prep, then I’ll know when I’m needed and can sneak those stray hours (I love working from this window — SO MANY humans go by on that sidewalk!)  in between times, as if I were like an organized person.

Now time to think visually and make an advertisement for myself….

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