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Posted on June 5, 2020


So this one embeds nicely and I was excited by the thumbnail.  However, the song spends 2 full minutes rambling about the procedure before getting to this.   (It’s also a bit cutesy for my adults.)
It’s revealing that it is called a “trick.”  (Oh, and there’s essentially nothing conceptual about any part of it.

I liked the intro where the teacher asked how old the student was, and got a whole number answer… when of course the student wasn’t *exactly* that old.

I should have just gone ot Math Antics in the first place, though.

Starts with concept in a familiar framework that’s adult-friendly.  Includes the *math* and words like “precision.”

I successfully found the notes from one course;  need to resist my natural inclination to Just Get Things My Way when one can Ask (it did not occur to me to ask for a teacher’s copy of the text…   but my coworker did and d’oh… sometimes looking ahead a bit is a good thing! Oh, and the answers …)


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