Oh, the places…

Posted on May 20, 2020


So I’m trying to use the last hour of the day reasonably productively, and whoa! The ‘phone’ on the computer is ringing.

Which app? Who *is* that?  What the …?   My body reacted a bit as if it were a police siren pulling me over. Even after I figured out “this is from work, and I’ve seen that name,” I just let it ring.

Teams made it easy to type in chat:   “You rang?”

I see “J….. is typing,” and I”m going everywhere in my mind.   (By the way, about the only ‘anxiety’ I have besidses riding on ice is telephone calls with strangers.) Did I join a team I wasn’t supped to be on?   How weird was it to answer “you rang?”

Oh, they’d like to chat about … a student needing a thing with a schedule.

Oh — they want the other Sue Jones… and now I need to reflect on what that felt like since it’s probably about half the anxiety so many students hvae about math.

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