Rabbit holes

Posted on May 12, 2020



This article about ‘education debt’ quotes Alice in Wonderland and Alice’s chasing that rabbit down a hole without pondering the exit. From 2006, it compares the idea of “achievement gap”   to the idea of a “balanced budget” being a grand idea but if you don’t address the accumulated debt, it meets political needs but not the need it claims to address.  Yes, before I clicked on it at the end of another more recent post about inequities and things that aren’t solutions, I thought, “am I going down a rabbit hole?” and now I’m wondering about the statistical prevalence of using that phrase about the interwebs… (and deciding since the post was from 2018 I shall ignore the misspellings…)

… but it is time to cease and desist from chasing assorted rabbits (why is somebody I follow on twitter with >100K followers tweeting about a house in Champaign? Who follows her? )

I think I’ve successfully figured out how to build an array with six of these random numbers and four of those random numbers.   I learned about pop and push but also gazed at map and fill.   That way I can make a quiz with 10 zero questions, 4 with big numbers and 6 with “times tables fact” sized numbers.

It’s 3:27 and today’s COVID numbers were not so horrible, tho’ the models have pushed the ‘turnaroun into mid-June.  Da gubner says our R-naught is 1.0  which … I hope is true b/c … that’s No Longer Increasing.   Deeply wish we had functioning medical system that could figure more stuff out.

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