The boring STuff

Posted on May 6, 2020



Layout!  Grid!   CSS!

If it’s “grid” then it takes the space of the container; if it’s “grid” the items will span the width of the container.   If “inline-grid,” the content.   I think this is what I need to grasp to make things work.

I decided to totally rebuild the layout because I cannot figure out a couple of things so going back and building the basic concepts seems the right strategy.  (Focus fails.)  Found good examples to try online  … okay, 16 minutes ’til lunch.   Do something. Except now seems to be failing.   What?

… it came back… 6 minutes 🙂

So I made blank boxes and tried to put things in and the content would not stay inside the divs that according to the code they should stay in.   However, when I removed the “grid layout” directions for the whole box, they did.

This whole visualizing thing is really hard.   There is already an invisible, implicit “grid” that is the rows so I don’t have to make them.  I think.

at 4:55 I’m at line 60 of the HTML out of 111 lines (this includes a ton of comments and white space).   … but I don’t want to just copy and paste and make it work… I want it to work better.