Posted on May 1, 2020



An interesting week.   What with “network incident” I haven’t had to do more than half of what had been taking up my day — maybe Monday?

This meant I dove into the ONline Learning Consortium’s second week of all kinds of online zoominars.   They were heavily sponsored by assorted Ed Tech folks including ProctorU, who sponsored the session on caring for students but weren’t there at the beginning… then as the conversation went to how students were creeped out by online proctoring I reveled in the irony and that it wasn’t hypocrisy; the teachers were not promoting RespondU at all, but suggesting alternatives.   Up speaks a Proctor U rep whose zoom had crashed at start, but all he did was describe an article about students who basically thought if nobody was proctoring them, that it was okay to cheat and, oh, I think they just thought less of the course in general.   The session attendees had been touting creating assessments that were harder to cheat on (individualized, based on personal interests, etc.).

Pretty much all the sessions for this event had between 50-100 folks in there, but we could chat to everybody, to each other… people just behaved themselves.  I don’t know if the Q/A had filters like microsoft teams does.   It did take an email and going through a path to get into the room, with a password but it worked.

Much more challenging was the path to carrying on further conversations;  that seems to involve SPLOTTING and was exactly challenging enough for me not to try to do “yet.”  I did snag a couple of emails from people who responded to my plea:   how can we plan for the summer?   We don’t have to yank everything online… how can we get students using services?

At the same time, there was a session from a different universe,  on open ed and publishing and copyright and some open ed folks I’d worked with were there so I figured I’d drop in and see if anything interesting was happening.

Open, right? Chat was disabled.  Everybody’s muted, no way to even tell how many people are there. We’re informed that’s because of the number of people there but I wonder 😛  I went back to the people.   Oh, there would be just the teeniest chance that their explorations would include not just text but interactive — but how likely would that be?

So… I’m still in a spin mode on the times tables.   THe user interface is … well, I don’t really know.  I’m trying to make it as much like other online math as possible.

And today ugh ugh there were 3,157 new COVID-19 cases in Illinois (14,000 some tests which is still a wicked high percent of positives), a huge uptick… and another double digit increase in local cases tho’ according to our page no more in hospital than before. Today begins the new month of “stay home,” with rightwingers “rebelling” against.   THey’re consistently extreme supporters of open racists and … their claims aren’t even framed to sound sane.


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