Still here!

Posted on April 24, 2020



Friday, April 24 and we’ll be in “stay home” status through the end of May.   Since the college had already made the decision that at least summer will be online, it’s not a big change for me; I’m supposed to have a mask on starting May 1.   Masks are so prevalent that I already wasn’t going to dip in for that six pack of Satin Solitude on my “commute” ride home (which was a loop out to church and back), without one.   This disease is just so awful… I don’t want it.   By the way, USA has over four times as many cases as any other country. Yesterday was when the orange one babbled about injecting disinfectants to instantly clean the body and that we could somehow get light inside the body to kill it. Please folks can we wax British and holler out at that kind of stuff?

There are itty bitty baby birds in the window I can see from my desk now that I moved it for better zooming.  I swear the one critter is looking right at me…. (house finch and there is a nest in just about every awning in the house).

I did get some time in playing with times tables, but no real progress, just figuring out where to go next.

Zooming iwth students is going fine with the few who have come by.   I think for some students there’s significantly less stress chilled at your own place, even if there might be another person in another window (waiting their turn).   It just seemed things were flowing better.   (Could be that … they’d been forced to do more of that before they found the tutoring, too…)

I have to be available for zooming and I’m trying to figure out how to double time, because when nobody’s there I’d like the option of being in another meeting.  The zoom page *says* I can monitor more than one session by enabling that option, but … I don’t have that option (it doesn’t say “you have to upgrade for it!” either, and I’m on a paid school account).   There was an “open ed for higher ed” zoom that I dropped in for a minute — but the presenters were talking about familiar stuff (that ‘inclusive access’ is a great marketing name for them having the monopoly on everybody’s access)… and, more importantly, it was set up in the least open way possible.  No chat, no backchannels, no way for me to see how many people were there… absolutely no reason for me not to just wait to see if it’s recorded.