Monday! 13

Posted on April 13, 2020


On campus it was natural when things were sort of quiet to … hop on the blog.   From home I’m drawn to things like the dishes (which is odd; I’m not drawn to cleaning my *office* with down time)…

I’m doing things that don’t highlight my strengths, shall we say: managing information.   I’m the one who enrolls students in the reading assessment, answers emails with questions, and records their results.   So far no disasters, just occasional delays.  I *think* I have things set up so nothing will completely disappear on me, but I don’t know.

Zoomed yesterday w/ 53 people for Easter service and … no crashes.   Prob’ly 30 of us doing video at any given time. No, we coudln’t sing with the sound on but hymns happened 🙂

Hauled my big old desk to where the card table was so I could use the post-it whiteboard that I put on that blank wall.   I don’t know if I could re-stick the stuff so I wouldn’t have to move the desk but I’m inclined to just … rearrange the room.   Let’s see how that works out 😉   My “one shelf at a time” tidying got me through four shelves of 16 in January before fading… but two more were tidified in this process so … progress!

This week’s priority:   make progress on the times tables. Sing. Have a list and remember to look at it…


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