Snow day…

Posted on March 17, 2020

… well, yesterday *was* like  a snow day of days of yore wherein I basically didn’t get anything done.

We are to set up to work remotely and I will at least officially be available for tutoring.   My director thinks I may be very busy, but that shouldn’t happen at all in “real” spring break and probably not for the extended one.   However, it seems I’ll be tapped for helping students in our assorted trade courses which could be interesting.   Some of them …. were pretty weird and ridiculous in their demands, and since it’s the likes of Google IT … probably not flexible, tho’ this being global it might all be about the bottom line.

And the Internet went out for a good half hour today, regionally.   Don’t know if it was company specific or not.

So tomorrow I hope that since I will be “working from home” I’ll be more inclined to be at my desk and … mathing 🙂   Friday is spozed to be off.

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