It’s here.

Posted on March 16, 2020



First positive test in Champaign County — and from somebody who’d been in *contact* with somebody who’d traveled to Italy.   So, we’re to assume everybody’s positive.  3 of us did a bike ride and brunch at Wheelhouse with pretty thorough distancing — I poured the water, nobody else touched the bottle… much washing of hands.

However, I’ve touched a login screen to get a gate opened… granted mostly w/ fingernails and I wiped off best I could… today has rain in the forecast so not so good for riding.

Tomorrow’s election day and I’m a few months young enough to train to be an election judge … but I see most slots are filled and …  there are prob’ly folks who could use the $200…

So!   It’s 846 and … well, Outlook is doing that thign it does where I can’t log on.   Usually it’s because it thinks I’m logged in somewhere, so… time to reboot…


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