Posted on March 11, 2020



So far, this Tuesday is not quiet — the 098ers have a million little worksheets to prep them for their final and oh, there are powerpoint projects and the usual Math Literacy.  (Stock market gained 800, went down to red again, and now is back to gaining 900 so I’m just wondering who’s got inside info and is making billions off of the yoyo.)

Oh, and we’re over 800 COVID-19 cases in Illinois and rumors of students not being asked to come back after break at the U.  I’ve overheard conversations about how to move our stuff all online. I found the story about the high school student who memorized stuff during a blizzard and was accused of cheating when he wrote it all down for his exam afterward, and then wrote it all down again to prove he hadn’t cheated and then went on to be a doctor (and meet that teacher when teacher’s daughter was in ER, who remembered …)  … oh, and it’s ‘way over 1000 this next day, and I read that Isaac Newton figured out calculus and gravity when Cambridge U. was closed for the plague.

So I really want to figure out some way to capitalize on what will probably be some very strange times and I wonder how long they will last.

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