Posted on March 9, 2020



… trying 😉

Stock market is under 25000 and they’ll probably close it again soon.   Radio had interviews w/ the businesses whacked by cancelling the SxSW shindig and I was thinking riding in about how in my childhood version of the world, I thought counting on business from Google buying digital advertising was just not a good model for the world; that we should live in monastery-like communities and sustain ourselves accordingly.   That’s not looking so crazy right now.   The coronavirus is doing its exponential thing, too – U.S. is up to 566 (but then it quickly disappears and says “no data”).   A thousand by Thursday?

Today’s goal:   desk surface clean, table sit-at-able 😛   because it’s 9:50 and people will be comin’ on down after that 9:00 class…

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