Keep on moving forward

Posted on March 5, 2020


Tapping the ol’ superpowers…. yes, it’s almost midterm and … so people who’ve been avoiding their nemesis are now coming down.   I don’t know whether it’s bad models thoroughly entrenched or that peculiar way the amygdala means you *always* pick the wrong direction but … it’s a challenge.   What may work is creating that entirely different visual-kinesthetic process, which could be labeled a “trick” because it’s not about building the concept.

It is, however, about working *around* responses that have become automatic because no, these aren’t grade school folks.   Now, when the student thinks it’s an entirely different operation because I lined the fractions up vertically… yea, we need to work on that.   It speaks to the way symbols just aren’t processed in the same way by different people.

I wonder if it’s also the “elephant” of learned helplessness. I ask a question and … you make an answer, having absolutely nothing to do with mathematical thinking, because that’s the thing you have to do for me to give you the answer which you can’t possibly figure out.

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