Posted on March 4, 2020


Just got a link to “Increasing Access to Universally Designed Mathematics Classrooms.”  12 pages… but it might snowball 😉   It’s good, though how many times you can slam memorizing the times tables gets a little old, and I wish they would provide an alternative to “don’t do speed drills.”   It’s already a summary so … I’m not going to summarize it — every paragraph could have a book dedicated to implementing the ideas, from safe, culturally responsive class to connecting representations.

I did, especially, like that it emphasized *teaching* representations like number lines, as opposed to just using them, and teaching “connecting represenations” — and that yea, professional development is a whopping big deal, and to go low-floor high-ceiling and the “big ideas” of math (again, lots of books about any one topic ;)) Oh, and INVEST in RESEARCH 😉

So… yea, I need to have that alternative to timed drills for times tables 🙂



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