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developmental ed article N + 1

March 19, 2020


  Okay, okay, I’m technically not at work ’cause it’s 7:48 in my office.  The map of corona virus with circles… they shrank the circles today.  I guess they were overlapping.   Yesterday I successfully shopped for a few things at food coop  — I have soap and water on the bicycle.    Think I’m going […]

Snow day…

March 17, 2020

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… well, yesterday *was* like  a snow day of days of yore wherein I basically didn’t get anything done. We are to set up to work remotely and I will at least officially be available for tutoring.   My director thinks I may be very busy, but that shouldn’t happen at all in “real” spring break […]

It’s here.

March 16, 2020


  First positive test in Champaign County — and from somebody who’d been in *contact* with somebody who’d traveled to Italy.   So, we’re to assume everybody’s positive.  3 of us did a bike ride and brunch at Wheelhouse with pretty thorough distancing — I poured the water, nobody else touched the bottle… much washing of […]


March 11, 2020


  So far, this Tuesday is not quiet — the 098ers have a million little worksheets to prep them for their final and oh, there are powerpoint projects and the usual Math Literacy.  (Stock market gained 800, went down to red again, and now is back to gaining 900 so I’m just wondering who’s got […]


March 9, 2020


  … trying 😉 Stock market is under 25000 and they’ll probably close it again soon.   Radio had interviews w/ the businesses whacked by cancelling the SxSW shindig and I was thinking riding in about how in my childhood version of the world, I thought counting on business from Google buying digital advertising was just […]


March 8, 2020


  I read blog post from Illustrative Mathematics that included the idea that “if your procedure has a procedure, you should really rethink what you’re doing.”   While I completely agree that understanding is important, one paragraph bugs me: the one starting with “Some people try to demonstrate a procedure and then retroactively make connections to […]

Keep on moving forward

March 5, 2020


Tapping the ol’ superpowers…. yes, it’s almost midterm and … so people who’ve been avoiding their nemesis are now coming down.   I don’t know whether it’s bad models thoroughly entrenched or that peculiar way the amygdala means you *always* pick the wrong direction but … it’s a challenge.   What may work is creating that entirely […]


March 4, 2020


Just got a link to “Increasing Access to Universally Designed Mathematics Classrooms.”  12 pages… but it might snowball 😉   It’s good, though how many times you can slam memorizing the times tables gets a little old, and I wish they would provide an alternative to “don’t do speed drills.”   It’s already a summary so … […]

… marching…

March 3, 2020


  Welp, the little red circles on the coronavirus map are getting bigger and more frequent… folks in my chorus aren’t too happy (many older men, some w/ ‘other health issues’). Submitted proposal for Faculty Summer INstitute about “show you how to make 3 activities” — two quizzes and a game.   Thinking:   the theme for […]

attainment grouping

March 2, 2020


  On twitter that’s the phrase used and I rejoice because it’s not “ability” grouping as if it were a trait not a dynamic state. The discussion then turned into “but how do we teach groups that have some folks at [some level I don’t understand but it had the number 9 in it] and […]