Recovery :)

Posted on February 23, 2020



Last Saturday I was between naps about now; I listened to the entire “Ask Me Another” show lacking the energy to turn it off. Not today!  Caffeine and warmer temperatures help 🙂   Winter will come back Wednesday… what insanity will the news be bringing?

Students get next Thursday off for our annual “professional development day” (no, I don’t remember what we’re doing). — I am going to try to make this thing look better for an hour, then put that away. I still do NOT grasp why it says I worked on somethign 2 weeks ago when I worked on it yesterday, and I still cannot grasp how to get a couple more people to want to work with this too.

Details like:  if a button says “make this div say ‘you got it right!’ … I can’t have anything else in there, because … that’s its “inner HTML.”   It feels like so much extra hardcoding.

And almost magically, less than an hour later the answer has happened.  Give a paragraph, not the whole “div,” the ID.   The text will go into that paragraph and other things in that div can still be there.

So things look sort of better, but I don’t feel like you know where to go to do the problem.  However, I’ve emulated other math problem platforms in “where to put the problem” so that’s staying as is.   I feel like once more if I could just HAVE SOMETHING USABLE … but that I need to have a score.   I successfully trimmed things down to One Fact At A Time…


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