About speech recognition

Posted on February 19, 2020



Let’s eat speech recognition work here.

LOL Well it works better than it did on my laptop, Without headset.

I am always going to prefer typing, thank you. However, other people would benefit from learning speech recognition.

Yes, I was suspicious when the laptop worked fine with Word and not at all w/ blog.  I also couldn’t say “wordpress” even on word (and now it makes it two words…).   Sigh, and I hate using the mouse, but when I set it up I said “keep it manual” so I hvae to click the mic to turn it on.   If I’m really going to use it for writing morethan a sentence or two, I need to figure out how to dive in and change that.   (DO I really want to do that, though? Typing is so much faster… but I should figure it out. Probably just takes actually restarting the computer.)

Yesterday was home, sick; today not 100% but feeling like back when I was a schoolteacher, this was as good as it got.   Hoping that by the time I’ve bike commuted in for a few days I’ll have my superpowers back… and that for the hour I’ve got left I can try to get back to math… because I want to have something to add to my application to Desmos 😉

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