Posted on February 13, 2020



Got out w/ shovel to slush off the new accumulation (victory to remember that on a bus day instead of thinking of it on the way out the door 😉 )

Reading about voice recognition and writing because it came up yesterday (just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

One of our coach/advisors is interested in putting training together and training the student mentors who can then spread it out.   It’s not something that lends itself to a big workshop though if people aren’t too close we could probably swing it w/ directional mics.

I searched for stuff and … there’s a 2020 version of that paper, and another one with an appendix with links to brainstorming and organizing resources, which makes me want to run as quickly as possible to doing math 🙂   We have an old book for training specifically for Dragon and oh, many the blog still plugs Dragon as much better than the free versions… but I think I’ll go with using Word… *after* I go over and work some on the math 🙂   

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