Desiring automaticity

Posted on February 9, 2020



Category:   boring commentary on figuring out computer stuff.

I need to make my multiplication activity more streamlined; I hate not having automaticity for the assorted syntax.   Right now the “startup” screen has a place to click to get things started that includes a blank question place on the screen… but when you click, that blank question jumps down and enlarges to include the question and the image of the times table appears where it used to be because if there’s nothing there that’s how the HTML displays.

The image is done with “switch” where you list all the cases, because each times table has its own icon with that amount displayed; so if the times table is 10 x 4, the 10 icon is displayed 4 times.   That’s when it’s nice that HTML displays like that;   I can say “loop through from 1 to 4 and put another icon in the display” and it doesn’t stick the icon on top of the other one; it puts it beside it.   (There’s syntax to tell it how to line up, too.)

Next job:   look up, because I forgot,  how to have a “default” case (or 0, for that matter) so that there’s something in that position, and see if it’s easy to make the question part start out big enough.

*Then*  … make the version with spaced retrieval (where one of ’em disappears at a time), and *then* go back and make a quiz version with thigns in random order, which will have to include removing the question from the group of questions so things don’t repeat.

*Then*  see about collecting any “missed” ones to go back and repeat at the end, and if I get really crazy, to make them available for their own review with even more repetition (the same way one works their flashcards when it is the scientific names of 108 birds… anser albifrons, anyone?)

(Today’s a Grateful For GoreTex day, as it was 30 and just starting to snow heading in to church, 33 and raining now… happily Mass with Father Tom is about 2 miles away; less than 15 minutes on the bicycle…)

Note to self:   find a way to spend a *few* minutes doing the equivalent of drill of some topic or other in JavaScript each day…