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Posted on February 6, 2020


Welp, I’ve been curious about Khan Academy. How has it evolved?

A student came in just before my lunch hour and the “support class” to get their skills up has them having accounts with it, and they’re working on integers.

Ugh. Ugh. There’s still the pervasive jumping to “fascinating” permutations of a concept … when the concept is a new acquaintance. We leap to double negatives with the 3rd “intro to the concept” question.

I’m not sure but I think fractions were there, too, tho’ they didn’t have to operate on them so minimal distraction.

The 3rd question? A number line with F over -1.4 and “what’s -(-F)”?

Happily, the student *got* the idea of “don’t even think about what F is… just understand that opposite of opposite is same again” (well, I was dramatizing this with turning around, etc) … and that therefore … the answer was just the same number. YAY 🙂 🙂 Would it have happened with the dronemaster’s video?

… and then there’s my student who can do all kinds of conceptual stuff but doesn’t know from divisibility, including 5s. I’m going to try (last night I had a thing to do that canceled but no, I didn’t Use That Free Time Wisely) to get some more of that 5 hours in…. because no, this little bit of snow isn’t even going to keep many students away and the suggested Return of Polar Vortex is not showing up on the 10-day forecast (last year we had 2 days off for below zero temperatures and 20+mph winds).

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