Baby steps

Posted on February 6, 2020


I *did* get some stuff done of the evening but not with any efficiency. Stuck in the “well, I’m working on it, isn’t that good enough?” which is different than “hey, I have a deadline, let’s get this done.” Tomorrow’s Thursday which sometimes has a window of opportunity… I got things less visually confusing. I also realized that a true pre-pre-beta version … I could share with students in the lab b/c I could explain it to them.

More motivation, though: helped a student working with Khan Academy. Ugh. It’s still “oh! we just introduced integers! So what would -(-F) be? ”

The student, however, understood when I said “okay, don’t even worry about what F is” and .. that it would be the same. Alas, I was already working into lunch hour with her and no, it wasn’t the kind of slow day where I can do that and keep my sanity.

Oh, and for the third time in 3 months surprise money came my way. It’s shrunk each month but I don’t remember filling out a thing for an REI rebate but… a check arrived for $69.01 today. (It’s funny how since the other two, I open envelopes earlier instead of putting them on the desk.) I still have to do the paperwork for Surprise # 2 (Unclaimed Property) and get it in the mail.

I think I’ll apply for Desmos Fellowship even if I’m really not their target… one never knows…

Tomorrow a bus day since it’s snowing…

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