Posted on February 4, 2020


So, I’ve made quizzes that review if you miss one and quizzes where you identify the times tables fact from a visual, and a page for each times table — lots of fragments with potential, and none of them ready to actually use and … basically no down time this semester.

So I went out for a ride and … yes, I have Chorus Monday, meetings Wed. and Friday night… but … let’s see what Five More HOurs can do to what I’ve got. I might be closer than I think. Let’s see if I have that much focus (or can obtain it oh, from higher powers 😉 ) …

So here’s how IXL frames their practice:

I’m trying to figure out what my layout should be for my little times tables thingies. This reminds me just how awesome progress charting is and that yea, I need to keep score. Watching my folks use ALEKS I know the reinforcement for progress is a big deal. Then there’s the thought that if my stuff is “usable” but missing an element that turns out to be critical (which the countdown may be and the scoring and progress is likely to be), then people can decided that “this way doesn’t work, go back to the other stuff” when adding that element (or taking away a frustration) might make something ‘way more helpful.

I look at IXL and see “third grade” and recognize that somehow getting that out there is important for people but … no, my stuff won’t have grade levels. Maybe chapters; maybe levels just so you can “level up.” (And no, upon inspection IXL did not make the code so anybody could read it but it reminds me how much I coudl do with “add event listener.”)

I also see that it’s got that same thing I do with identifying the visual model — does LearnZillion? (b/c IM has LearnZillion).

… and I *did* get some time in of this Monday. Thanks, higher powers….

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