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February 29, 2020


  Morning focus meh but there’s an art/ resistance somethign at a local brewery from 2-7 and it’s just the right ride distance away, which INSPIRED me.   I got that bike ride brochure done and yes, went and applied to the Desmos Cohort 5.   No, I haven’t done a *thing* in Desmos but I’m going […]

Recovery :)

February 23, 2020


  Last Saturday I was between naps about now; I listened to the entire “Ask Me Another” show lacking the energy to turn it off. Not today!  Caffeine and warmer temperatures help 🙂   Winter will come back Wednesday… what insanity will the news be bringing? Students get next Thursday off for our annual “professional development […]

About speech recognition

February 19, 2020


  Let’s eat speech recognition work here. LOL Well it works better than it did on my laptop, Without headset. I am always going to prefer typing, thank you. However, other people would benefit from learning speech recognition. Yes, I was suspicious when the laptop worked fine with Word and not at all w/ blog.  […]

Day off

February 17, 2020


  … not for the holiday but because I rode 3 miles in and my conscience said, “didn’t you always say that … if you *did* get sick, even not very, that you would stay home?”  because yea, it’s been about 8 years but I have a cold or something (okay, chills and a dry […]


February 13, 2020


  Got out w/ shovel to slush off the new accumulation (victory to remember that on a bus day instead of thinking of it on the way out the door 😉 ) Reading about voice recognition and writing because it came up yesterday (just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I One of our coach/advisors is […] can’t add.

February 10, 2020


I worked on over the weekend.    Today is Monday. I came to work.   My Friday rambles were up. So I thought “let me put this change on the newer one.” tells me that I worked on one 4 days ago, and one   5 days ago. The 5 day one was the one […]

Desiring automaticity

February 9, 2020


  Category:   boring commentary on figuring out computer stuff. I need to make my multiplication activity more streamlined; I hate not having automaticity for the assorted syntax.   Right now the “startup” screen has a place to click to get things started that includes a blank question place on the screen… but when you click, that […]

The Novice Thinker

February 6, 2020


Welp, I’ve been curious about Khan Academy. How has it evolved? A student came in just before my lunch hour and the “support class” to get their skills up has them having accounts with it, and they’re working on integers. Ugh. Ugh. There’s still the pervasive jumping to “fascinating” permutations of a concept … when […]

Baby steps

February 6, 2020


I *did* get some stuff done of the evening but not with any efficiency. Stuck in the “well, I’m working on it, isn’t that good enough?” which is different than “hey, I have a deadline, let’s get this done.” Tomorrow’s Thursday which sometimes has a window of opportunity… I got things less visually confusing. I […]

Frontloading deja vu

February 5, 2020


If deja vu is the feeling you’ve been there before… what is it when you go back and see an old blog and realize that oh! There’s proof you’ve been here before, but you forgot? I invented the term “cognitive frontloading” back in 2013 watching our computer science professor work us through object reference variables. […]