Opportunity rings

Posted on January 25, 2020


It’s been really busy in the ‘academic development lab’ — yes, so busy that students show up, turn around and leave because it’s too crowded and they know they won’t get the help they need. No, I am not going to switch over to appointments (though I should consider maybe for N hours/week — but managing that… I once threatened to apply to be director of our unit, on the grounds that that would inspire others to do the same, and a colleague drily remarked, “they’d have to hire too many assistants for you.”)

I didn’t get to the ringing phone at 11:38 … but there was a message. A math teacher at a high school a county to the west is going to be doing a class next year to prep students for our math placement test — special needs class — and could I help him with resources?

I looked up the school and it closes at 3:40 but … I was also nowhere near the phone then… so I sent an email. Wow 🙂 We’ll see where this goes. The fact that this isn’t a “I have to teach a test prep class, we started in September, do you have any resources?” but “we want to make a class next year” …. 🙂 Gonna try to get some serious hours in on the times tables thing.

In other news it seems Desmos has pulled in Illustrative Math and has a curriculum w/ both of them. Makes me think my choice to play w/ Geogebra instead of Desmos may have been a tactical error… perchance I’ll check out some elements of it. I’ll wager the Desmos stuff is only sort of open, though, and … I honestly don’t know the culture… what I saw at twitter math camp was hard for me to comprehend. Liked the free beer though!

I did just look at “find out more” and they have a Google form for piloting and … ***every question*** has an “other” possibility. My opinion just went up, and yes, I filled it out.

That said, it’s 10:07 and … no, there’s no “Wait Wait!” because Republicans are oozing gelatinous, spoiled infestations over the airwaves instead. Time to go on the questionable roadways to get a new debit card, since this one doesn’t think I have the right PIN… and process these possibilities. I was going to contact IM with the times tables ideas… I think I’ll check out what Desmos has in that direction and … prob’ly stick w/ HTML… need to think 🙂 The page about the pilot says anything that’s free will still be free. I want everything to be open of course and no, that’s not how they work, but just as they use IM… they could use Aunt James. TIME TO RIDE TIME TO RIDE