Some progress…

Posted on December 31, 2019


Okay, the cleaning worked out ridiculously well — to the tune of finding an unopened envelope, reluctantly opening it because … oops, yes, that was a check dated from April 2017. No, it doesn’t have to be honored.
Yes, when I went down to Common Ground Food Coop and inquired… they just cut me a new one. (In this town, one can present as “quirky upstanding citizen downdressed, on a bicycle” and get “this *member* has a question”… though most folks probably think I can’t afford a car…)
Yes, I plunked a few dollars in a few places to benefit people who wouldn’t have had that kind of forgetfulness forgiven.

And I’m playing with Making Deliverable. I’ve got a framework around The First Math Video With Transcript/Slides. I need to figure out how to have links to its other resources (the actual powerpoint, images, and whatever the aspiring OER adapter might want to fiddle with) — the back of my brain rolling its proverbial eyes because People Haven’t Been Doing That. They’ve just been grabbing and using. The angel on the other shoulder, though, responds with “but it’s ready if there’s an organized ‘let’s adapt what’s out there!’ project.”

I don’t know the side effects of making this sort of “on the side” so it’s ‘’ without https:// and all that. Is it more/less hackable?

Next step: go get stamps and mail Christmas cards. I have always done ’em this week but I’m inspired to get ’em done early next year. (Was I so inspired last year? Don’t remember πŸ˜‰ )

THEN … start linking and posting those actual lessons.

THEN head down to local musical festivities which are roughly ONe Whole Mile away adn stay ’til I feel like going home or out to a party a little further away to ride… but out after midnight would mean GETTING MILES FOR 2020 πŸ™‚