Posted on December 27, 2019



… about to head out this Boxing Day for a few miles.     My 30+hit day is off the calendar so the 3 aday look almost significant — and let me post stuff like WOW, I figured out how to replicate my number chart on another page (tho’ I thnk I want to add a thing or two) … and change it to being multiplicatoin *tables* instead of just the number chart… in **six minutes.**

Now, last time I did a thing like that I unded all that time saved by somehow losing the work.. REMEMBER to save and push… and then … *try not to* just waste the saved time because your brain says you “earned” it… might as well be riding a bike.

And even tho’ it’s a chart w/ nums not an image, I have no idea how to actually *make* that more accessible.

… and now it’s Friday acting like Saturday… and I need to *take my own advice* — if there’s stuff out of control, well, don’t just sit around thinking about it.   Do what you can.  So I’m gonna pretend I’m on the old computer trying to do so muc h it’s stalled out and do little cleaning spurts…then coding…

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