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Technology Review says tech is widening gaps!  It describes students with iPads going through math “learning” software and being totally clueless about what the questions were asking.   Sigh, it just said it was “on iPads,” not what “learning software” it was using, but it’s refreshing to read about the realities.

Yes *on the bike* and used faith and angular momentum to get through the 200 yards of Main Street that still have a layer of ice/snow… (I pretended that guy who passed me was in front of me, and “keep on pedaling, keep on pedaling…”)

Two people in 2 days explaining fraction addition outside of a math class.    The second was at the bus station, where somebody approached with “where do I know you from?”  at it was Parkland Pops, from at least 10 years ago, who back when our college had a president who was very dedicated to community outreach, came to the college for a 1-credit singing course open to anybody … but everybody but me came over from Developmental Services Center in Champaign. (I found the course in their mailing before working here.)   I really increased my range b/c when nobody but Cindy is on key, I would sing notes I’d never have attempted in public 😉   The old “making mistakes is how you learn” applies to singing too…   she asked what I did and when I said I helped people learn math and reading to go to college, and I’d been explaining that 1/4 + 1/4 was 2/4 not 2/8, she replied that yes, she knew 1/4 + 1/4 was a half and explained a lot about cups and pints, and that it was really hard when cooking or shopping to figure this stuff out… but for her it was really hard but you did it anyway.   I asked how she’d learned it and, “the hard way!”   … but didn’t remember exactly.   People, it’s worth learning fractions *and* the attitude that hard is okay.

… last day of the year…. well, the *third* missing group of keys (most recently hidden) were in a sweatpants pocket in the laundry so I’m only down the two spares in my waist bag which is AWOL and … my main set of keys which are on a big DESMOS lanyard with a big bike-chain keyring that vanished in a *small* window of time and space.   I caved and ordered things from — need to remember to cancel the “free prime for 30 days” thing because it’s only for weird things like 4-color Bic Fine Point pens that nobody local carries that I’ll stoop to that (and Google search didn’t find  me an alternative source, though it occurred to me afterward that I should have gone to another engine with different filters).   I honestly wish the stuff *weren’t* “guaranteed delivery by Saturday” (that was yesterday) because of the human cost it takes for that to happen.

Okay, 10:15 and just got a person registered for classes in “encourage, anyway!” mode.   Now to get back over there to … …


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