Posted on December 18, 2019



That’s happening today.

I took the bus because the ride home was still lousy on Main Street…

… and I wish there were an Inkscape forum.   I found good tutorials but this is, like CSS et al, at that level where you have to know somebody; “click and see what happens” has too many options. The tutorials inform me that holding the control key while making a round thing will make it a perfect circle but that just doesn’t happen to be true.   It works in GIMP so … I got the icons I made in Gimp and did my best “make a circle over that” job. (You can’t just change defaults — you have to dive in and make templates and know where to save them.)

We’re going to do another Geogebra workshop!   Nailing down date and yes, I’m going to toss out an email to see if anybody wants to add a little something, but it works well as what it is.

… and I successfully figured out doing the image version of the thing.   I’m going to make it with icons because making pictures takes longer and I decided to go with .svg files so I’m already having to learn InkScape which is totally awesome.  It’s being weird — sources *say* if I hold control while doing the ellipse I’ll get a circle but … that’s just not what happens, thank you.  But time to focus 🙂