Posted on December 16, 2019



S l o w l y   learning this CSS/HTML/JavaScript navigation… AND THEn  the and github … somehow things aren’t getting put there.   I made a mess of “new versions” and it showed them all and then I walked away, came back and it was “hey, put this on GitHub!” and no changes were evident.   It’s a fork you situation…

Also I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to make athing not disabled and I was putting the property in quotes.

And mainly getting the layout right is just horrible, but it’s important.

Monday update:   Some of those versions re-appeared, including one I didn’t make with something about remote synchronizing in the details.   Now, I did duck out and show somebody the stuff on a computer out in the lab, but why that would make some versions go away is beyond me.

I shared it to the freecodecamp forum and … it got 10 clicks and somebody fixed a typo in the post…

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