Almost sharable

Posted on December 11, 2019



(so I’ll share it here)   — this post on the International Dyslexia Association’s page about math and programs.    I *usually* agree with those 3 tenets on the side:   Learn the facts!  It’s okay to know one way to do a problem, not a zillion and … if it’s complex, mnemonics get you access to a complicated procedure. If “learn one way” and “use a mnemonic” translate to “so you don’t have to understand it,”   bye bye.    If, on the other hand, we’ve worked in some “connecting representations” so taht you do understand different ways to express an idea… I’m on it.  Also, the training referred to is the expensive, proprietary Making Math Real — I’ve done the overview and it’s awesome, but it’s simply not available to most folks, among other things. Let’s go OPEN 🙂

… and speaking of open, I rode in and hypothesized that commas instead of semicolons would create yesterday’s error and YES.   But it’s lunch RIDE time.

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