Chilly winds ;)

Posted on December 10, 2019


tl/dr:   boring daily minutiae

I re-upped the bus pass this morning rather than try to skip a month on the annual pass…. it was all of 14 this morning and the forecast says a few degrees warmer tomorrow… and I’m 179 miles away from 5000 on the year.  Also, things are quieter so the lure of “time sitting down when you can read something” isn’t as strong .. and I’m sure the book I ordered won’t be there yet.   (I also forgot to put the last jacket on because I remembered to do the jumping jacks that mean my hands start out warm.. and it was fine.)

HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT I successfully figured out how to shade every nth number on a number chart. I kinda sorta get the shorter syntax forEach  and… instead of an “if” loop,  I can just color them all purple first, then color the ones divisible by 4 later.

So I wonder how much JavaScript like forEach and Nth Child have been worked in so people don’t have to think as hard.   We learned “modulo” for doing “every nth thing” in Java.

Now to figure oiut how to shade only the first N multiples 😉