Pyramids and CSS

Posted on November 21, 2019



… so, seems the “fifth anniversary upgrade” at FreeCodeCamp  … has issues.   I’m told that it’s “bad timing” that nets me the “can’t log in from that IP address” error message… but … the timing is always bad and while I got in after clearing old files at work, it didn’t work at home.   So much for that badge for consecutive days 🙂  “Brilliant, dedicated” people are working on it (YES I hate classifying anybody as brilliant ;))…

I figured out how to make a pyramid for my “spaced retrieval” exercise (tho’ I need to add the last row!!!   ) — *found* the typo errors *after chorus at home* 🙂 🙂

… except I really want to figure out doing things more visually… and I foudn the Chris Woodin stuff (not the book yet but I am not buying a third copy, thank you very much 😛 ) and his big ol’ visuals for the twos times tables… I’ll need to decide whether to “build” the twos that way or… all socks 😉   I’m thinking “get to deliverable” — that most people won’t need that much time on “doubling and symmetry.”

I  figured out images — socs for 2 x 1, 4-leaf-clover for 2 x 2, insect (yea, that one’s the same as Woodin) for 3, and successfully moved to other things when I realized my masterpiece octopus icon wasn’t here (don’t remember what it was for but I think this was when I first  braved clicking on the “paths” key… now I’m really not sure how I did it, tho’ as with the others I did half of it, copied the layer and flipped it for symmetry).  It was on the home computer 😉 … but I’m going to go with more discrete countable representations.