Posted on November 17, 2019



Welp, I had said I’d allow 2 hours for figuring out how to open up the next fact when you’re done the first.   It took longer, but I did it… and then realized that for purposes of seeing what it’s about, locking a user into that path would be pretty awful.   I think the next thing I want to play with is … interactive visuals.   Students should use real manipulatives to put 3 things in a cup, 3 times to experience 3 x 3 but… I want at least one “online” thing.   I shall probably forego drag and drop and go for finding the answer on the number chart, maybe even with an entry level version with the facts outlined (how to do that so a screen reader recognizes the difference?)

The huge question is “how deliverable does it have to be?”  … because if, say, I could share something w/ math OER people that they could *use* that would be awesome.  If it were OER people making stuff, though, it could be rougher because they’d want to pull it in on their terms.

I also want to give an hour or three to “how hard is it to do the equivalent of a Camtasia movie in HTML?”   especially because that *could* be interactive.  Spaced retrieval, dudes.   Okay, that’s *doable.*   However, it’s still all symbolic… so FIRST THE VISUAL. The Times Table Page is HEre   (and no, I can’t quite share it with #mtbos … yet… okay, by end of turkey break…