(boring setting of goals)

Posted on November 13, 2019




Moving to Atom because my organizational skills aren’t up to codepen.io .   It’s 10:47 and really quiet in here (but yes, there have been 5 folks here and they are getting it done and handing it in *because of here.*

So!   Let’s see if I can get the stuff I have that works working… and *then* work in the awesome “do it with a loop, don’t hard code it all” gift and figure that out.  The JSON.stringify stuff is just for sending stuff to the console so I don’t need to fully understand it (I failed to see how it got from the code to what showed up on the console).   Remembering that it exists, though, for when I do need to make things that can be shared with other things.

And it’s not quiet any more….


lunch learn:   have to refresh/ re-save all the files in atom for it to use the side files.   But it did 😉

… but, also… there are things I can’t seem to do, like make the font of the input big.   Recognizing that the “problems” with platforms … well, I’m going to go back to codepen since it’s familiar and make a big note about which files go with what.  If that breaks again, I’ll run away, but changing horses in the median strip (it’s not exactly midstream b/c I’m doing a shift to all of ’em on the same page) isn’t such a good idea either.

The stuff I’m trying to figure out… I can still try to figure out.   The font size onf the input doesn’t matter. … (however, she said 15 minutes later, working with one window/monitor does.   Codepen for now.)

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