Posted on November 12, 2019



Blustery enough for singing to be canceled (not school, though).   Tomorrow prob’l some folks will be out and lots of people will not come (single digits and an inch or so of accumulation — right now interstate is closed b/c several accidents).   (Yes, I’m bus not bike today.)

So my codepen individual pages don’t work but the “one page attept” sort of does.    well, yes, it does.   Still I am thinking of moving eeryhint to atom because it is what the “support group” is going to do, tho’ it’s a big support group so I’ll prob’ly fade away (they seem to be mostly people actually trying to get careers w/ developing), and … I think it talks better to different files — oh, and I bet it can handle images.

Tomorrow is a webinar about different “paths” for  math in high school – will read their 28 page fancy blurb on ride home and use some of tha t”no singing” time to have links.   The short blurb is all the right thigns about caring about equity but good wordsmiths can do that when their agenda is at best to Get Funding For THe Project REgardless or, at some level, to keep the nice weeding out because really we don’t *want* “those people” in Calculus class anyway.   They don’t need “real math,” so let’s tell ’em everybody knows nobody really needs Calculus.   My questions will be about whether the math instruction will address the students getting the right answers with simplified thinking (and then being jumped to calculators), and that sort of thing.




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