Posted on November 8, 2019



So, after yesterday, I almost want to go buy a lottery ticket.

Fixing bathroom floor:   tucked in the space under the toilet was an already cut chunk of wood to go where it goes to support things, with “tail joist” stenciled onto it (not even handwritten).  LIke, just “planning ahead.”

Second: I’d put in a support ticket b/c I couldn’t figure out how to get people to land on https:// on my site, and I figured there was weird old stuff happenign since I’d brought over my 1999 site.   Support person diagnosed it, fixed it, updated stuff and cleared out all the spam that had gone to my brief attempt at blogging on my site (halted b/c spam).

Finally, I go to the “free code camp forum” and the moderator who’s been answering my fairly lame not-even-free-code-camp-stuff questions has reworked my times tables facts.  In Geogebra, I’d figured out how to build them all in a “Sequence” because I had an example to work from, but I wasn’t going to try to do that level of “for loop” on top of all the other syntax I’m so good at tripping over.

I have it set up to go up and down the tables, 0 through 10; he said he’d want it randomized but that it’s my quiz.   I’m going to do random, yes — but this is a formative exercise, to help you *learn* them.   There are gobs and gobs of randomized practice sites out there.   He also set them up so that the perfect squares show up first and once, not duplicated. (I am debating whether my “stick review in the middle” mucks up the benefit of going in order… I’m thinking I’ll put in two random review ones before the turnaround instead.)

So — three totally unnecessary GOod Things Happening. It also got to 30 degrees — good enough for a lap on the bike at lunch (and hopefully it’ll mean when it gets into the 40’s tomorrow I’ll be inspired to ride a little extra… started the day w/ 525 to go to 5000 on the year…)

… and I do not  understand why I am so hesitant to use a return statement.

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