Oh, the swamps

Posted on November 6, 2019



I was getting kind of hopeful about figuring out stuff on my own website, after lots of feeble, tiny attempts.

I went to my quizzes and … no formatting, no .css, and in the case of the quizzes, no content.   Blank.

When I went back and hand-typed https:// at the beginning things worked.

Well, I don’t think people should have to do that to get to the site.

I searched and found a thing to get people automatically to https:// YAY!! All I have to do is paste some stuff in this file.

Except… wehre’s the file?  I search for it and … just click here!!!   which gets me to a folder, not a file, so I have no idea where to paste things.

No, #indieweb, this stuff isn’t possible for mere mortals.

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