In the light of day …

Posted on November 6, 2019



Okay, so last night I endeavored to productive past my brain time … to try to at least stick a link from individual quizzes back to the main page.

Well, there were blank pages and pages not talking to the .css … oh, turns out if I make sure to type in https:// instead of http:// things are fine.

Well… that’s kind of … hairy.

So I search for how to fix it.

Just go to .htaccess and paste this!

HOw to do that?  No clue.

Oh, I find “how to get to .htaccess” — change settings to “show hidden files.” Yippee!’

I paste said code.   The page said to paste it *as is* … so I did.

Saved it.   Went to — 500 error.

Took that stuff away… now it’s fine.   Put it back, got the error.

Sorry, #indieweb, *none* of this actually helps with getting math lessons online.   Yes, I’ll hae them on my site but no, I won’t worry about actually sharing from there. That requires more hours than I have.

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