Posted on November 5, 2019



Well, yesterday was AMAZEBALLS  — today not so much.   Found my old WordPerfect files — almost 1000 of them… including a few diary days from classroom at the school w/ no discipline so Ss just walk out 😉

Times Tables came up again on FB including the token “they don’t need facts, they get a calculator in middle school,” but … no, my hot mess isn’t ready for sharing in that venue … YET>  (Yes, I did reply.)  On Twitter there was a request for something on computer, self-guided about multiplication too.   I’ll take it as a sign to keep moving;  stop talking and get to making!!

… and I have ideas for how to disable the buttons once you pick one … and every ‘clever’ idea makes me wonder what other ideas are out there that other people could think of..

… and it seems classes can be like classes in Java. With getters and setters. Hmm. (LOL that is what I get for forgetting that no, I was trying to figure out classes in CSS…)

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