Posted on November 4, 2019



Okay, my *priority* is getting a multiplication thing that works on the web, using “pure” HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but it seems Geogebra *does* listen to JavaScript.   Hmm.   First:  make my input a… sigh, first figure out what I’ve done to the .js file so nothing works any more… took < 10 minutes to find where I’d copied extra thing =.

And nw it’s 4:06 and I have successfully made a “switch” scenario in codepen so that if I click a button, it gives me different problems on that same page and *it took less than half an hour* because things were objects.

I also got the ones in the “real live online ones.”   Now I need to put that UP for the other pots on the fire… next is to have the buttons also change the text (esp. since there should be a link to the videos for that fact on the page but that’s messier.   Some of ’em have different videos with different possible choices.)

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