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Pyramids and CSS

November 21, 2019


  … so, seems the “fifth anniversary upgrade” at FreeCodeCamp  … has issues.   I’m told that it’s “bad timing” that nets me the “can’t log in from that IP address” error message… but … the timing is always bad and while I got in after clearing old files at work, it didn’t work at home.  […]


November 17, 2019


  Welp, I had said I’d allow 2 hours for figuring out how to open up the next fact when you’re done the first.   It took longer, but I did it… and then realized that for purposes of seeing what it’s about, locking a user into that path would be pretty awful.   I think the […]

(boring setting of goals)

November 13, 2019


    Moving to Atom because my organizational skills aren’t up to .   It’s 10:47 and really quiet in here (but yes, there have been 5 folks here and they are getting it done and handing it in *because of here.* So!   Let’s see if I can get the stuff I have that works working… […]


November 12, 2019


  Pretty cool webinar about “Just Equations.”  … and oh, my, apparently the example of “The Matthew Effect” was a literal experience in the author’s life.   Two girls w/ almost equal athleticism but with one ball, the one a tad ahead got 20 times as much practice kicking as the other; with 20 balls they […]

article N + 1

November 12, 2019


    The most recent article was about math beyond developmental — college algebra.   This article is pre-developmental; it’s about high school.  The authors aim  high with this analogy: we should be “making mathematics ‘a pump, not a filter’. That’s worth pausing and considering.   What would that look like????    The *antithesis* of gatekeeping.   That’s […]


November 12, 2019


  Blustery enough for singing to be canceled (not school, though).   Tomorrow prob’l some folks will be out and lots of people will not come (single digits and an inch or so of accumulation — right now interstate is closed b/c several accidents).   (Yes, I’m bus not bike today.) So my codepen individual pages don’t […]


November 8, 2019


  So, after yesterday, I almost want to go buy a lottery ticket. Fixing bathroom floor:   tucked in the space under the toilet was an already cut chunk of wood to go where it goes to support things, with “tail joist” stenciled onto it (not even handwritten).  LIke, just “planning ahead.” Second: I’d put in […]