Posted on October 30, 2019


Following the twitter feed for the OpenEd conference. My brain sort of conflated it with Twitter Math Camp but the tweets remind me of the frenzy of the 25 minute sessions. It maximizes the connections and interactions … but the information is pretty much exposure to a million ideas. Oh, and if you blink you missed it (and I blink a lot ;)). And, I got to talk to folks from Illustrative Math and … ended up with a gig with them. If the thing is happening in a better place next year (they really ought to do it in Shampoo Banana… we do *have* an airport that’s probably every bit as good as Niagara Falls, maybe… and we’re even kinda sorta close to Canada…) I just might put in for a poster session.

Oops. I just watched a bit of a session and oh, it seems they’ll be adjourning the conference indefinitely after this year.

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