Posted on October 30, 2019


no ,not sink, toilet!

Brad will come tomorrow to see about that. So I am taking mornign off. So I’m out of synch 🙂

Following twitter about OpenEd19 and realizign how much more fun Twitter Math Camp was, tho’ OpenEd woudl just cancel this or that because of the People Feeling Safe issues, adn … twitter math camp folded.

COABE virtual conference today and tomorrow with a whole BADGE thing. Yes, it gets laughable at a certain point (and then I laugh and go to FreeCodeCamp and earn some badges there, so THERE!). But on I have made my quizzes.

There was a good session on numeracy and area … where the presenter almost missed that people thought five by five area whas half of ten by ten. (Would I have noticed if I didn’t teach exactly that stuff? I don’t know.) I also asked about its open licensing because it is 🙂

AND yes. I made quizzes and then cringed because I’d gone and done a quick thing to ALL OF THEM and wondered how often I would do that, then realized … that’s the point: if I change the .js file or the .css file it fixes all of them 🙂

Raining, 37 degrees. Time for bed 🙂

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