Sets and arrays !

Posted on October 27, 2019


Yo! Learned a totally new thing. So when you get one right, I want it to go in your “good facts” group. I might want to have an “even better” facts group — for the 3 categories of “drill pack,” “practice pack,” and “new ones.” Maybe students should be able to pick them šŸ˜‰

Anyway, if I add facts to a *set* it won’t duplicate them. However, it’s not an array; I then have to make an array from that set (with the line myArray = Array.from(theSet) …P)

and it worked (once I made the array) šŸ™‚

This weekend was our “Folk and Roots” festival… I ducked into an “introduction to Klezmer” workshop. I didn’t have an instrument but I found myself drawn into watching the teaching and learning process šŸ˜‰ They were told to use eyes, ears and brains… and how to… what to pay attention to… the person who came in late was the least confident and wanted sheet music or notes, but I think that person came in after they had gone through the 16 bars or so of the melody they were learning many times in part, in whole, on their instruments and singing. I read a math blog that talked about how impo;rtant confidence is with math, and I had looked at the folks intently focusing on their instruments and how they didn’t seem to be nervous or worried, including the fellow prob’ly older than me with the little muted horn. I wondered whether they were all brilliant (not too hard, but it’s possible) or whether maybe music is a thing that … you practice ’til you can do stuff, then you practice something else, and some of it’s skills and some of it’s just plain fun…

let’s do that to math šŸ˜‰