instant gratification

Posted on October 25, 2019


Okay, not *instant,* but … CSS is a lot less complicated than JavaScript 😉

I’m also getting more comfortable going to the console. I wonder how long it will take ’til it seems so easy I think everybody should be doing it… tho’… not sure that will happen w/ JavaScript.

Seems the #OpenEd19 conference has canceled the “future of learning materials” panel because of the hostility sent their way. Now, people seemed really upset at comments suggesting having commercial publishers dominating the panel was like inviting arsonists to a fire safety meeting … and I can understand being “upset” but … mainly because it is just a tad too painfully valid. The cost of “learning materials” is a serious barrier to students. Having folks who profit from selling said materials being the overwhelming majority of people discussing their future strongly implies that that’s where

… and even before end of that same work day … yea, you figure out more cool things faster with CSS but if it doesn’t look right it’s next to impossible to know why/how.

There may or may not be some arbitrary code to get that white input box to center in its “container.” There’s so much to learn about what does what, though fixing things has less of a domino effect than with functions and javaScript.

… and some things just don’t work with what I have — but they do work with exactly the same stuff with a different example, so … it’s time to re-work the little thing and neatify it so that whatever is “undoing” or changing relationships gets figured out and fixed.

And it keeps me off the streets 😉

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